Bi-cycle (a poem).

Literature -- 12 / May / 2015


photoDedicated to Jakub Štěch and Ondra Loup.


I broke my head

just after my birthday,

April’s spring, new year,

my eyes soon opened.


An accident got

my blue sky bicycle,

I lost the control,

crashed into a light pole;

hospital, exams,

doctors and surgery.

All them to keep my soul

in life’s mystery.


The brain wasn’t touched,

the mind got its healing,

intellect expanded,

heart almost willing.


Prague blossoms again,

flowers everywhere,

the crows shout their screams,

but swans fly with no pain.


Now I realized:

the body is fragile,

intelligence is all,

then ride forward

without afraid to fall.



PS: Today complete one month after the bike accident I had in Prague, I was born again;

and this poem was the way I put my pain out.

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  1. Larissa Frossard says:

    Lindo poema! Um aprendizado não é mesmo? Muito bom encontrar você e saber que agora está tudo bem! Obrigada pela recepção! Seja feliz!

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