– 1977

– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am linguist, sanskritist and professor / teacher.

I am researcher,

I am content developer,

I am writer,

I am translator,

I am proofreader, copywriter and text editor.

I am becoming a mathematician – an amateur.

I am a consciousness in a human body.


I deal with linguistic systems. I deal with knowledge and content.

I deal with education and information. I am a reader.

I like technology, design and architecture a lot.

I am systematic. I am minimalist.


I am completely fascinated with the idea of a knowledge society.

I taught, I teach, I will always teach.

I love to study. I will be always a student.


I already taught here, here and here to elementary and high schools.

I have been teaching children for years. I like to teach them.

I taught at City College (UniverCidade, Rio de Janeiro) for 8 years. Linguistics and philosophy.


I had a column about linguistics and philology in the Dicta&Contradicta (a cultural magazine).

I write now for Proti šedi, a web cultural magazine from Prague.


I have a B.A in Linguistics and Literature from UGF.

I have a M.A. in Linguistics (summa cum laude) from UFF.

I am an expert in Pāṇini’s grammar (5th. B.C).

I study Indo-European Linguistics. Sanskrit, Latin, Greek.

I want to become an expert in Computational Linguistics.

I want to become more than an amateur in Mathematics.


I am currently living in Prague, Czech Republic.

I came to do my Ph.D. (Comparative Linguistics) at Univerzita Karlova v Praze.

I came to learn Czech language. I came to learn many things.

I came to teach too. I came to share knowledge and friendship.

I came to live. I came for love. I want to stay.


I swim, I meditate, I ride bike, I climb mountains.

I love to be in contact with Nature. I like to meet people and nice conversations.

I have the Vedānta and Yoga as my philosophy of life.

I was a boy scout once and a parachutist. I read in Latin and Sanskrit (fluently).

I have a motto: simplicity and elegance.

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