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According to Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (putting briefly), the [F]orm of any species (‘variation’) f-ollows the [F]unction associated with use (‘selection’). Darwin empirically based this notion on ‘gradualism’ (slow, uniform, gradual), or nature doesn’t jump (‘saltationism’).

– Linguistics is the study of language (trough grammar).
– Design is the specification and/or creation of forms.

> What linguistics has to do with design?

– ‘Form ever follows function‘ (Louis Sullivan)

> What grammar has to do with modern design?

– ‘Weniger aber besser‘ (Dieter Rams)

PSa: the form of a language (based on Historical Linguistics) never jumps; it’s slow, uniform and gradual according to its function.

PSb: I am a linguist that loves design and is fascinated by the Darwin’s theory of evolution. And this is only some new ideas I am working now as concepts. I dare to say that somehow as Pāṇini (V BC) also thought (based on his grammar: 1.1.68).

Do you get this? / This is a note jumped out of my mind /

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